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The Fresher The Produce, The Better It Tastes

We have recently partnered with Grobrix so you may have our microgreens even fresher from your home farm to table.

Grobrix pride themselves in their modern growing system that fits any household. Whether it is placed in a house filled with active children or busy roommates, the Grobrix system is designed to make organic vegetables accessible to everyone in it.

In our humble opinion, being able to grow your own microgreens is one of the best features of the system. Of course it is always up to you to grow what you want, when you want!

That includes microgreens. Microgreens are harvested at the stage that is in between sprouts and seedlings. The ideal height ranges from 1 to 3 inches. Some microgreens may grow taller than that but when they do, they tend to lose their intended taste. Microgreens can be typically harvested in 1 to 2 weeks. Given the physical feature of microgreens, Grobrix have specially designed the tray mounts to make it easy for you to harvest them.

It is no secret that microgreens are best grown indoors with quality medium and lights. Although Grobrix had initially built their system on the philosophy of “No Soil, No Mess”, they are not afraid to readapt in order to bring you the best results for microgreens produce. Additionally, the Grobrix system uses its own proprietary grow lights in order to ensure growth consistency, providing you with better yields.

What attracts most people to microgreens is the strong flavours that reside in their small forms. In comparison to the adult form, they have a richer taste. The versatility of the Grobrix system allows you to easily cultivate healthy and delicious microgreens alongside other produce.

Grobrix have inspired us from the beginning and we are proud to work with them in order to bring our vision of eating fresh, achieving zero wastage, educating the masses, and inspiring future generations for a more sustainable tomorrow. 

We look forward to seeing your creations with us on social media.

Visit our partner at to learn more.

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