Wild Boocha

Ferment. Drink. Repeat!

Helmed by two empowered women with a passion for health, Wild Boocha seek to create smiles through their gluten-free, raw, and vegan kombucha.

Kombucha is an increasingly popular drink in Singapore. It is fermented black or green tea that is slightly fizzy and known for its health benefits. Kombucha contains probiotics and vitamins that support your digestive system, strengthen your immunity, and boost your energy. The peaking COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 somewhat catalysed the growth of local kombucha startups. Some started off as home businesses before scaling up to become recognisable Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Wild Boocha is one of those who succeeded in transforming from a humble home business to a local SME, producing fresh and tasty kombucha as well as other probiotic beverages. From renting just a small space above a shop to leasing a bigger manufacturing space, Wild Boocha had managed to sustain and expand within just three years. It grew from a team of two inspired individuals to a core team of energetic individuals.

Wild Boocha started in 2019 by two friends who met while residing in Singapore, Summer Hassam and Michele Vanlangenaeker. Summer was a fine wine agent while Michele was a legal consultant and business developer. Both had their interest piqued by a kombucha-brewing workshop. After attending and being equipped with the newfound knowledge, they began experimenting with various flavours for family and friends. One day, Summer and Michele found that they could not keep up with the demands for their home-brewed kombucha. Their kitchen had turned into a mini-brewery too! This prompted them to set up a proper kombucha business.

The goal in mind is simple, which is to provide high-quality, locally made kombucha. To ensure that their products are of high quality, their kombucha is artisanally brewed in small batches. This is emphasised in print on the labels of their bottles. To remain competitive in the local market, they expanded their flavours from fruity ones like Yuzu Lavender to herbal ones like Harmony Adaptogenic. They even came up with Singapore’s first ever coffee-flavoured kombucha, with the flavour’s name stylised as Koffee Kombucha. This paved an easier entry into coffee houses and bake houses. They continue to experiment to come up with more exciting flavours and even create signature flavours for some of those eateries.

To date, you can find Wild Boocha kombucha in places like Little Farms, Craftsmen Specialty Coffee, Kilogramme, Merci Marcel, The Trapeze, French Fold, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Chatterbox at The Hilton, Sarnies, Santi’s, The Living Café and more recently, PAUL. They do accept home delivery orders so be sure to check out their website WildBoocha.com to purchase!

We at Smiling Greens were fortunate enough to taste various flavours such as Yuzu Lavender, Mountain Oolong, and Koffee. They are all so delicious that it is hard to pick a favourite! Each bottle greets you with a light sour whiff due to its fermented nature before fizzing up your tastebuds with the flavour it contains. If you have never tasted kombucha, we recommend trying the fruity flavours first such as Raspberry Passionfruit.

In fact, Wild Boocha is participating in Zentosa Fest, which is organised as part of Sentosa’s 50th anniversary celebrations and Wellness Festival Singapore. Admission to the festival is free and Wild Boocha is slated to be there from Friday to Sunday on 3-5 June 2022 as well as 17-19 June 2022. Be sure to drop by, say hi, try out their kombucha and patronise their booth!

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